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Massage therapy is extremely beneficial in so many ways! Here are our top five benefits of massage therapy and why you should book a massage today. If you are interested in massage therapy as a career, this is a great list of the ways in which you can help people thrive in their lives through massage:

Top 5 Benefits Of Massage Therapy

1. Decrease Stress

We all experience stress in our lives, whether “good stress” or “bad stress.” Stress causes an elevation in cortisol and this can wreak havoc on our body and mind and cause dysfunction and even disease. Massages can help to decrease and manage stress in many ways. For one, the physical benefits of massage therapy can help decrease the stress response our body and mind produce and actually lower cortisol. Another benefit is that the massage allows one to decompress, relax, unwind and rest. This is important in stressful times in order to balance out the other feelings and emotions that may result from stress such as anxiety and depression. Decreasing stress and combating the effects of stress is important at any age.

2. Improve Flexibility in your Muscles

Proper flexibility in our muscles allows us to move comfortably and participate in normal activities without pain or stiffness. It allows our joints to move through their entire normal range of motion and gives us proper form, posture, and function. Massage therapy helps to improve flexibility in our muscles by improving blood-flow and oxygen circulation to muscles, decreasing muscular tightness or knots and lengthening tissue. Maintaining flexibility is key as we age as well.

3. Increase Immune Function

Massages help the body to work more effectively and efficiently thus boosting the immune system. There is an increase in circulation, oxygenation, healing cells and blood flow, decreased cortisol and even an effect on the endocrine system itself. The immune system is what fights off colds, viruses, and even diseases. We want this system working at it’s best capacity the entire year ‘round!

4. Reduce Pain

Massage therapy can reduce pain in many ways, such as decreasing the tightness in muscles and pain related to trigger points or knots. Massage can also help to desensitize areas that are painful and reduce the mind-body hypersensitivity related to chronic pain. Reduced pain can lead to an improvement in quality of life, increase in activity level, improved mood and much more!

5. Sleep Better

Massages improve overall relaxation and decrease stress, which are often associated with poor sleep. There is also an increase in serotonin, a “feel good” neurotransmitter. Serotonin also helps to increase melatonin and leads to a better sleep cycle. Getting proper sleep is a must! As you can see from this list, massage therapy produces many benefits for us! There are numerous other benefits that one can experience from massages as well, these are just what we would consider the top 5 benefits of massage therapy.

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